"An investment in knowledge always pays the best dividends" - Benjamin Franklin

SCAM Training

Designed to be easily remembered and recalled, our entire training system is based around the acronym SCAM. Train your staff to Think Email. Think SCAM.

Active Reinforcement

Ongoing two minute refreshment courses issued in the form of phishing emails. Allowing mistakes to be made in a friendly, safe environment with instant feedback. 

Course Confidence  

Staff are empowered by our Active Reinforcement system. We gradually increases the phishing difficulty as staff increase their detection competency. 

Business Reporting

Real world statistics demonstrate the business value and protection obtained. High risk staff members are recommended for further awareness.

Service Desk Partnership

We link your service desk to our enhanced awareness training to ensure smooth incident synchronization and communication, while reducing false positives.

PhishWatch News & Events

Phishing attack hosted on police site with an SSL certificate news.netcraft.com/archives/20…

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